Tim StephensonMy name is Tim Stephenson. I have been active in church and parachurch organizations since 1972. I have been crunching numbers since 1982. My Master’s Degree is in epidemiology – bean counting for disease control. I’ve been a County Epidemiologist, a science teacher, a computer programmer, a payroll supervisor (passed my Certified Payroll Professional test in 2009), and a Business Analyst. And I’ve written a few journal articles and a couple of books. I also developed an extensive disaster preparedness response program for use with schools. Here, I’m trying to prevent disasters, too! Towards that end, I passed my Certified Fraud Examiner exam in early 2018, and did all the programming for this site and the related questionnaire and evaluation site, www.internalcontrolsaudit.com.


For the last eighteen years my work has been in Accounting. I’ve been looking for payroll anomalies at a Fortune 200 company. Last year I moved to University work, helping adopt new financial software – as well as training for bookkeeping. Choosing non-profits as my niche, I started looking into what churches need. I soon discovered the crying need for stronger internal controls, and I’m now doing that full-time.


My experience as a fraud examiner, computer geek, numbers guy, deacon, and churchman makes me a great choice as a consultant. Drop me a note at tim@affordablechurchauditing.com.


Rini StephensonMy dear wife Rini heads our Quality Assurance department. Heck, she IS our Quality Assurance department! She’s also our chief financial officer, head cook, farmer, and cheerleader. She taught English at the University of California, as well as at the middle school level. She reviews the reports we send out to ensure you get a good product. She also makes it possible for me to invest long hours in study, programming, and analysis. I use the word “we” in most of this site’s text for convention’s sake. To be sure, I am the one doing most of the work. But Rini makes it possible, and I have tremendous respect and appreciation for her.


Farm flowersWe live in the lovely little burg of Moscow, Idaho, on a quiet street in the older part of town. Here, the big excitement is a couple of kids on bicycles pedaling by! And we are attending a great church and live within a mile of our daughter and her dear family.


For the 20 years before moving here we had a pocket farm in the hills of Appalachia. We still have our farm dog, and I’m working from a home office and meeting with clients using video conferencing. If you’re lucky you may hear a bark: God’s blessing in audible form.


By helping your church tighten up their internal controls, I’m doing my part to combat the effects of the Fall. With my help you’ll run a tighter ship, money-wise; you might have more money to work with, too. You’ll have less temptation nipping at the heels of your staff and volunteers. And you’ll be protecting everyone’s reputation, too.


I hope we can work together.